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The Loop Loft Story

The Loop Loft story begins with founder, head loop guru, and drummer extraordinaire Ryan Gruss. Ryan attended Berklee College in the late 90’s in pursuit of a music degree. While his days were filled with classes and schoolwork, Ryan’s evenings consisted of all-night jam sessions to connect and play with fellow musicians at Berklee.

After graduating school in 2000, Ryan first moved to LA (unsuccessfully breaking into the highly competitive "session" scene), and then packed his bags to NY to join his fellow Berklee friends on the East Coast. He hoped to fulfill his passion of delivering live music to the masses in addition to working his day job at Atlantic Records. Although he did sign a deal with Peter Asher and performed alongside iconic bands like Maroon 5, Ryan quickly realized at this point in his life, the rock star lifestyle wasn’t sustainable.

Ryan moved to Boston to get away from the music industry scene and start his blog, giving away daily free drum loops to aspiring musicians. (More on that later!) During this time, Ryan never lost his passion of drumming.

Dissatisfied with the quality of stock GarageBand loops, Ryan took the biggest risk of his life by leaving his comfy digital asset management job to start Loop Loft in 2010. The Loop Loft focused on creating classic, natural, punchy sounding drum loops that withstand the test of time. Along his drumtrepreneur journey, Ryan brought along some college friends, mentors, and incredible musicians in their own right like Omar Hakim, Larry Goldings, Nate Smith, Joey Waronker, Matt Chamberlain, Bob Reynolds, and Mark Kelley to The Loop Loft family of loops.

Through sheer determination and Ryan’s relentless pursuit of success, The Loop Loft built up a hardcore audience of musicians interested in downloading his digital productions. Ryan knew he had a great product when artists like Peter Gabriel, Rivers Cuomo, and Ad- Rock were purchasing his drum loops.

On January 4th 2018 Native Instruments acquired The Loop Loft. Ryan moved back to Los Angeles and settled into his role of managing a development team focused on creating new content for the Native Instruments portfolio.

Success Highlights
Q4 Revenue 7% YOY
Increased AOV by $6.29
Doubled Email Conversion Rate
Ryan Gruss founder of The Loop Loft
“Jason and team helped us achieve amazing results by focusing on revenue goals pre and post Native Instruments acquisition”
Ryan Gruss Founder & CEO, The Loop Loft

Email Automation

The Loop Loft began working with us in September of 2017. Ryan’s main goal was to show growth and consistent revenue throughout Q4 2017 in anticipation of a “large” buyer acquiring the company.

Ryan’s digital marketing background showed as The Loop Loft already had all of the core email funnels built out and then some. However, many of the flows were low performing and many of the email addresses acquired over the years were of low quality.

One of our first initiatives was cutting out the clutter and focusing on making the top performing flows, like the Welcome Series, convert at a higher level. We changed the Welcome Popup experience to better align with his brand and to convert a higher number of website visitors into email addresses. Additionally, we removed low performing email addresses and flows from the account to focus on only the most engaged Loop Loft subscribers

Spin to Win Popup

The Email Results

The new Welcome Popup nearly doubled the conversion rate of website visitors into email addresses. We are able to convert these users at a high level by giving one time use discounts blended with the expertise of Ryan explaining the benefits of using real musicians for the loop productions.

Additionally we focused on updating the segmentations and designs for one-off campaign sends. The emails that did not convert right away from Welcome Series were added to the weekly email campaign schedule. The cleanup efforts helped The Loop Loft get better engagement, which lead to more direct revenue flowing through the email channel.

Increasing AOV

In order to achieve aggressive revenue goals, one of our main initiatives was increasing the Average Order Value (AOV). New customers tend to be hesitant on investing in a large number of digital loops on their first order. We decided the best approach to increase the AOV for the brand was to focus on existing customers.

Black Friday Email Popup

Our first initiative was to test different incentives to keep people from exiting the checkout page. We added an Exit Intent experience that offered an additional discount to check out NOW vs. later. The coupon was auto applied to the cart to make the experience as frictionless as possible.

The Loop Loft Exit Intent Popup

Tiered Holiday Discounts

Next, during major shopping holidays like Black Friday and Christmas, we implemented a tiered discounting approach that gave higher discounts the more you spent.For example, an existing subscriber would visit the website most likely through an email or Facebook Re-targeting ad and see the below sticky bar.

The Loop Loft Shopping Cart Banner

Once items get added to the cart, the sticky bar will tell you the amount needed to level up to the next discount tier. Once you add over $50 worth of loops to the cart the below would appear.

The Loop Loft Cart Value Popup

The idea is to encourage spending until a user reaches the highest discount your brand offers. In Loop Loft’s case we decided to offer 75% off for $750+ worth of digital downloaded loops.

The Loop Loft shopping cart banner

The Results

Through strategic popup experiences, tiered discounting, and bundling, The Loop Loft was able to increase their AOV by $6.29. Most importantly sales revenue increased over 7% even though the total number of orders was down from the previous year.

While we focused on growth and driving revenue, Ryan was able to prepare for the biggest sale of his career. A BIG music company was interested in acquiring the Loop Loft.

The Native Instruments Acquisition

On January 4th 2018, The Loop Loft officially became part of the Native Instruments (NI) family of companies. Ryan remains CEO of The Loop Loft and focuses his time working on integrating his passionate artists into the Native Instruments streaming service,

Post acquisition, our main focus was maintaining growth and revenue for The Loop Loft brand. Although now part of NI, The Loop Loft remained relatively independent.

We built out campaign emails to announce the acquisition as well as leveraged Native Instruments vast resources to create more engaging content. In addition, we introduced Messenger to build personalized scalable conversations and drive more revenue.

Last Words

The Loop Loft owes its success to one person, Ryan Gruss. We helped him manage his account, making small improvements, while he followed his dream of building a business for musicians by musicians.

Ryan is a true content marketer in every sense of the word. He started the blog in February 2009 with the intention of giving away a free drum loop daily. Over the course of 3 years he amassed such a collection and following that Ryan started charging a $10 a month subscription fee to access his material.

The success of became The Loop Loft, which finally became part of the Native Instruments family. Want a blast from the past? is still active and you can see the grit, determination, and passion it took to build a successful eCommerce company!

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