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Public Rec Email Marketing Case Study

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Born on Kickstarter

The story of Public Rec begins on Kickstarter when founder and CEO, Zach Goldstein, set out to raise $15,000 to make his vision of the “world’s most comfortable sweatpants” come to life. Zach’s idea occurred in college when he couldn’t find comfortable fitting, stylish lounge clothes. Traditionally, sweatpants were too baggy, ill-fitting, or old and made social interactions almost impossible. Zach wanted to create fashionable, durable, moisture-wicking pants that you won’t want to take off.

He quit his job at a private equity firm in 2015 to solve this problem. The name Public Rec was born out of the idea that men should feel confident wearing clothes in public during recreation.

Zach’s journey from Kickstarter to eCommerce success story is one of obsessive attention to detail. Unwilling to sacrifice comfort, quality, or fit, Zach went through 8 rounds of prototypes over an 18-month period to re-define the meaning of indoor comfort, outdoor style. Public Rec’s final iteration of the All Day Every Day Pant featured a tailored fit with tapered bottoms, four pockets (two with zippers), and a faux front fly for a more formal look.

After crushing his original goal of $15,000 by raising almost $180,000 on Kickstarter, Zach knew he created the perfect sweatpants to wear all day, everyday. Demand was so intense for the ADED Pant that fanatical men everywhere devoured all inventory, creating a waiting list of over 1200 people.

The success of the ADED Pant allowed Zach to launch his eCommerce website in 2016 with additional stylish, buttery soft, comfortable fitting men’s apparel like the Go-To Henley, Crosstown Bomber, ADED Short, and the Workday Pant.

Zach Goldstein, founder of Public Rec
“Jason and team grew Public Rec by building out our conversion funnels and creating a long term retention strategy that put the customer first.”
Zach Goldstein Founder, Public Rec

Start Date: Nov 15th 2017

We began working with Pubic Rec in November of 2017. Although highly engaged, Public Rec’s email subscriber list was relatively small compared to other eCommerce apparel brands. In addition, we believed the brand was missing out on top tier email functionality with their eCommerce platform Shopify.

We decided to transition Public Rec off Mailchimp to Klaviyo to take advantage of their core focus of Shopify stores, better segmentation, and advanced analytics. After completing the transition in a matter of days, we were tasked with developing a series of Black Friday/Cyber Monday emails.

Public Rec rarely discounts their apparel so I knew their email subscribers would be hungry for the biggest sale of the year. We were able to deliver results ensuring Public Rec had their biggest Q4 ever and kicking off a long-term, great working relationship. As much as I would like to take credit for the results, I know the success of the campaign had more to do with the one-time discount than my email magic!

Converting Visitors into Emails

The Welcome Series is USUALLY the most important revenue driving flow for eCommerce brands. Whenever I onboard a new client, I tend to start here. The Welcome Series consists of a website popup or overlay in addition to a number of emails to follow.

At the time, Public Rec was starting to receive increased traffic to their website. We wanted to create a popup experience that converted a significant number of new visitors into email addresses. The difference between a popup that converts visitors into emails at 3% vs 9% is literally 3X list growth.

Public Exit Intent Email Popup

We implemented a tiered giveaway popup that traded an email for a chance to win a Public Rec gift card. My job was to A/B test theses popup until we found one that couldn’t be beat. Last I checked, Public Rec still uses this strategy today!

Building out an Automated Conversion Funnel

The Welcome Series is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to building out a lifecycle marketing strategy. Additionally, almost all eCommerce brands need an Abandon (Abandon Cart, Product, Website) and Post Purchase (New Customer Thank You, VIPs, Surveys) strategy. Furthermore, there are brand specific funnels to create that can have a big impact on engagement and revenue. (For example, some brands can implement Back in Stock, Subscription Upsell, or Predictive Next Purchase Date flows)

We worked with Public Rec to create these funnels to ensure we maximized their website traffic into purchasers. Over the course of our working relationship, we constantly split tested and updated Abandon and Post Purchase emails to get the best conversion rate possible. The emails were designed in a way to give Zach a voice to engage with his subscribers.

The Results

Through our work with Zach and his Public Rec brand, we were able to grow the email list significantly as of Jan 1, 2019. The quality of the emails remained consistent from when we first took on the account until now, contributing to extremely high engagement numbers. The combination of increase in traffic and a high conversion rate contributed to significant list growth.

Public Rec is one of the fastest growing men’s apparel brands in the world. I like to think the work I did in building out Public Rec’s marketing funnels and campaigns had a BIG impact in their success. The truth of the matter is, Public Rec’s product is so strong and in demand that the core focus of my job was giving the people what they want, when they wanted it.

Thanks to word of mouth and strategic marketing initiatives, men worldwide are experiencing “leisurewear for everywhere” in custom-made performance fabrics. I’m a big fan myself and make Public Rec apparel a core staple of my own closet.

Today, Zach continues to remain laser-focused on his brand and product offerings. Through hard work, exceptional product research, passionate vision, and tenacious attention to detail, Public Rec refuses to settle for anything less than the best Men’s apparel on the planet.

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