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Patrick Adair Designs Case Study

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The Story

Creative genius Patrick Adair and serial entrepreneur Lewis Fausett founded Patrick Adair Designs in 2015. Patrick Adair Designs specializes in handmade men’s rings made of carbon fiber, titanium, tungsten, damascus, and other rare materials.

The company started in the spring of 2015 when Patrick purchased his first ever slab of Carbon Fiber. Having a passion for design, Patrick immediately set out to create his first ever carbon fiber ring. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Patrick began filming all of his rings and documenting the amazing materials and beautiful designs.

Success Highlights
5X increase in email engagement
200% increased rate of converting visits into email subscribers
284% YOY Revenue Growth
Lewis Fausett co-founder of Patrick Adair Designs
"Jason comes with my highest recommendation. His strategies and implementation were a huge factor in kick starting our growth in 2018”
Lewis Fausett

Built on Instagram and YouTube

In the summer of 2016, Patrick realized he was starting to amass a larger following on Instagram and YouTube. He fulfilled a niche of creating luxury rings using a range of materials that made customers feel truly unique. Every Patrick Adair Designs ring is made from uncommon luxury materials ranging from trademarked Glowstone to excess Niobium-Titanium Superconductor from research facilities.

As I write this, Patrick Adair’s YouTube Page has close to 800,000 subscribers while the Patrick Adair Instagram features a healthy 250k followers. The two channels combine to be the primary sources of organic traffic to the website.

Email Marketing Start Date: May 2018

We began working with Patrick Adair Designs in May of 2018. The account at the time had over 150,000 email subscribers with very little engagement. In addition, as a Shopify customer, Patrick Adair was missing core integration functionality with their existing email service provider. Due to the low engagement (under 5% open rate) and a lack of automation flows, many of Patrick Adair’s email marketing sends were landing in the spam folder.

We decided to switch Patrick Adair Designs to a new email platform, moving over only the most engaged subscribers to do a better of job of sending relevant, timely content. The results were almost immediate. We were able to increase email engagement 5X while helping Patrick Adair set company revenue records.

Converting Visitors into Subscribers

As mentioned above, the primary organic traffic sources for Patrick Adair Designs is YouTube and Instagram traffic. The challenge we faced is producing an offer strong enough to convert website visitors into email subscribers. It’s great to have two channels with strong subscriber numbers, but you are subject to playing by Google’s and Facebook’s rules which isn’t always in the best interest of the channel owner.

Patrick Adair 15% Off Email Popup

We decided the best route to success was to run both a discount and a giveaway offer at the same time. The visitors who did not engage with the 15% off offer were given the opportunity to enter the giveaway on exit intent.

Patrick Adair’s rate of converting visitors to email subscribers increased 200% through implementation of strategic popups and overlays. In addition, we were able to implement timely seasonal offers, which drove increased revenue through the holiday season.

Email Automation

A healthy balance of one-off campaigns and behavior based automation flows is key to succeeding in the competitive eCommerce waters. Due to technical constraints, Patrick Adair Designs was missing many of the core email funnels to create a true lifecycle marketing experience.

Over the course of our working relationship, we built, optimized, and continually split-tested the pillars of email automation: Welcome Series, Abandon Series, and Post Purchase sequences.

Welcome Series

Patrick Adair Welcome Series Email

Converting emails subscribers to purchasers is a core focus of what we do at QuaGrowth. The website popup goes hand in hand with the Welcome Series. The rings Patrick Adair Designs offer tend to have a longer buying cycle then most eCommerce websites. The higher the average order value, the longer it can take to for a user to make a purchase decision. We leveraged the power of video to show how the rings are made as well as give detailed information about the products. After not having a previous Welcome Series, ours contributed to about 43% of Patrick Adair Design’s total email automation revenue for 2018.

Over the course of our working relationship, we built, optimized, and continually split-tested the pillars of email automation: Welcome Series, Abandon Series, and Post Purchase sequences.

Abandon Series

Patrick Adair Abandon Cart Email

The average cart abandonment rate for eCommerce is about 75%. In other words, 3 out of 4 people who add items to their cart WILL abandon. Due to the limitations of the previous email service provider, we were unable to track the revenue coming from Cart Abandonment emails. After we transitioned to Klaviyo, Patrick Adair was not only able to track revenue, but we were able to build different funnels for first time and repeat abandoned cart offenders. The Abandon Cart Series contributed to about 44% of Patrick Adair Design’s total email automation revenue for 2018.

Post Purchase

Patrick Adair Post Purchase Email

Sometimes a customer just wants to feel appreciated. In a world where it’s easy to focus on sales, putting the customer first can do wonders for engagement and customer retention. We let Patrick Adair himself do the work here by creating a personalized email to 1st time customers of the brand. The current open rate is over 90% and is the MOST engaged email for the entire brand!

The Results

After restructuring the email account, building out peak season email campaigns, and updating the triggered email automation series, we were able to increase YOY revenue for Patrick Adair Designs by 284%! The success of our email automation funnels allowed Patrick Adair to invest in paid social advertising in late 2018 which allowed us to convert a higher number of website visitors into purchasers.

Today Patrick Adair and Lewis Fausett continue to focus on building the highest quality custom men’s rings on the market. With recent collaborations with PewDiePie and Marvel, the YouTube channel is expected to hit over a million subscribers by the end of the year!

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