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  • Does email marketing still work for 7-figure e-commerce brands in 2022?

    Email marketing is undoubtedly working for 7-figure e-commerce brands. Companies that are effectively using email marketing are seeing a spike in sales with an extremely cost-effective approach. Email marketing is not only used for attracting new customers, but it’s a great tool for generating loyalty with current customers.

  • What is the QuaGrowth process for email marketing?

    QuaGrowth has a different process for each client. QuaGrowth conducts an initial audit to gauge what would be the most appropriate and efficient plan of action for the client. Based on the organization's needs, QuaGrowth tailors a unique email marketing plan for the company. For a free email marketing audit, click here.

  • What tools does QuaGrowth use for email marketing?

    We are Klaviyo experts, but every client is different based on your product, industry, and ecommerce platform. Head over to the QuaGrowth blog for more information on tools and best practices for email marketing or fill out the form on the right and we can discuss if our services are a good fit for your brand.

  • I don’t have a huge email subscriber list. Does QuaGrowth help build email lists for e-commerce brands?

    Yes! QuaGrowth has years of experience building email subscriber lists. We focus on email popups that convert at scale. Our goal is to put you in the best position to succeed leveraging paid and organic traffic.

  • How many email campaigns should my e-commerce business send per month?

    In the QuaGrowth audit, we will identify the optimal amount of email campaigns your ecommerce business should send per month. The frequency of emails is not one-size-fits-all. Based on your organization’s size, the segmentation options, and the nature of your company, we will execute the best email marketing plan for growth.

  • What are the benefits of email marketing for e-commerce companies?

    Where do we begin? Email marketing helps companies reach an already engaged audience, find new customers, deliver targeted messages, and drive revenue in a measurable, cost-effective way. Discover the value QuaGrowth has provided e-commerce brands by reading through our case studies.

  • Does QuaGrowth help companies other than 7-figure e-commerce brands?

    QuaGrowth helps companies in a variety of industries. Email marketing benefits every type of business thus we implement high-converting email marketing tactics for brands of all types. QuaGrowth’s focus is building customer-centric and personalized emails at scale.

  • What is the E-commerce Growth Show?

    The E-Commerce Growth Show is a podcast dedicated to discovering growth opportunities for 7-figure e-commerce brands hosted by QuaGrowth CEO Jason Boehle. If you're looking for insights from industry thought leaders, 1MM+ yearly revenue store owners, and email marketing experts, this podcast is for you! Episodes feature topics such as: opportunities and pain points of marketing, why email marketing is still prevalent today, and how to scale your e-commerce brand.

  • Where are good resources to learn more about ecommerce email marketing?

    We are glad you asked! QuaGrowth has excellent resources available for you to learn more about ecommerce email marketing. Visit the QuaGrowth blog and the E-Commerce Growth Show to find more information.

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