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Buttercloth Email Marketing Case Study

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The Buttercloth Story

Buttercloth was founded by CEO and head designer Danh Tran in 2017. He launched Buttercloth to give men a soft fabric with incredible breathability on a sophisticated casual dress shirt.

Born in Vietnam and growing up working in his family’s small tailor shop, Danh started designing his own clothes at the age of ten years old.

As he honed his craft, Danh dreamed of coming to America, and creating the softest shirt the world has ever seen – a shirt as soft as butter.

In 1994, Danh emigrated to America, enrolled at the Otis College of Design, and spent the next 20 years taking apparel design positions across companies like Mattel, Howe, 7 for All Mankind, and Affliction Clothing.

It was during this time Danh experimented with 100% natural, sustainable, long fiber cotton to make what became known as Buttercloth. He doesn’t want to design anything less than the world’s most comfortable shirt.

On October 28th 2018, Danh and the Buttercloth team appeared on Shark Tank, scored a deal, and fulfilled a lifelong dream of bringing “the world’s most comfortable Men’s dress shirt” to the masses.

Success Highlights
5X Email List Growth
600% Revenue Growth
Email #1 Revenue Channel
Danh Tran founder of Buttercloth
“Jason’s knowledge, experience, and creative approach to Email and Conversational Marketing has been one of the biggest factors in scaling our growth.”
Danh Tran Founder & CEO, Buttercloth

The Email Plan

We prepared for the Shark Tank episode months in advance. Our goal was to inform existing subscribers and buyers of the episode airing to get people excited about the possibility of a deal. In addition, new marketing funnels were created in anticipation of the spike of new visitors to the website. Butter Cloth’s most important initiative was making sure we converted those new users into valuable email addresses. We only had one shot to get this right!

Buttercloth's Shark Tank Email Popup

Oct. 28 2019 changed everything for Buttercloth. Danh invited close friends and family to his house (including us!) to watch the episode live. We were in the dark like everyone else on whether Buttercloth received a deal. Buttercloth was the last brand to pitch to the sharks and closed the show. Did they get a deal? Watch below to see the results!

The Results

We watched in astonishment, as Buttercloth tripled their email list size in hours. New visitors flocked to the website in unexpected high numbers. In addition, the rate at which we converted the new users was one of the highest we’ve seen. The average popup and overlay experience converts just over 3% of web traffic into email addresses. This particular popup was converting over 20% of the new visitors into email subscribers.

By now you’ve watched the video and know that yes Buttercloth received a deal from Robert Herjavec. With new funding, Buttercloth was able to increase inventory to bring new styles to life. The increase of emails and interest allowed Buttercloth to achieve the highest revenue numbers. New product launches continues to feed hungry men’s appetites for the newest, softest, most comfortable dress shirts in the world.

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