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The Biohm Story – Masters of the Fungal Universe

Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum and his son Afif Ghannoum, a former corporate lawyer, started Biohm in 2016 to achieve full gut optimization by combining good bacteria with fungi. After getting numerous business interests around his ideas and patents, Dr. Ghannoum leveraged his scientific expertise to create a personalized product around probiotics.

The father and son duo created the world’s first company focused on bacteria and fungi together. Combining 40 years of scientific research with sharp business expertise, Dr. Ghannoum and Afif are on a mission to improve the world’s health by analyzing millions of personalized micobiome data points.

Success Highlights
Increase in total store revenue 250%
3X Email List Growth
Helped increase AOV by $17.66
Afif Ghannoumn, founder of Biohm
“When I met Jason, I was looking for someone with the expertise I needed to take our email marketing to an elite execution level. Needless to say, I was incredibly impressed by his ability to not only strategize, but to execute. The proof for me was in the numbers he produced, across all the critical KPI’s, the most important one being increasing our revenue, which he did in spades”
Afif Ghannoumn Founder, Biohm

250% Increase in Store Revenue.

We began working with Biohm in September during a crucial time of year for all eCommerce businesses, ramping up for the peak-shopping season. The challenge for us was leveraging the tremendous knowledge base of Dr. Ghannoum and Afif to inform, educate, and market to the Biohm audience. There’s a fine balance between creating content that comes across as too scientific or too salesy for the average consumer interested in improving their gut health.

The solution we created involved mixing long form educational content with one-off promotions that aligned with the Biohm brand. For example, below is a good illustration of content meant to inform and educate.

Biohm Probiotics Email Marketing Campaign

We segmented this campaign to users new to the Biohm brand and website visitors needing more information before making a purchase decision. These educational campaigns featured the highest open and click through rates of any campaign content we produced.

On the flip side, below is an example of the types of promotional content we created. Instead of just focusing on the discount, we added in some useful information around the scary Candida fungus for Friday the 13th.

Biohm's Friday The Thirteenth Popup

The idea is to offer value to Biohm email subscribers and customers with discounts on select products from time to time. We used this opportunity to talk about the negative effects of Candida on your gut while promoting Biohm’s Candida Report.

Campaign Results

The combination of educational + marketing content had a tremendous impact on company revenue. We were able to increase Biohm’s total store revenue 250% from the previous 4-month timeframe while maintaining excellent email engagement rate. More importantly, Biohm’s subscription revenue also increased 222% during the same time period.

I’m not saying all of the increase was due to email marketing initiatives as seasonality and increased paid advertising also played a major role. However, email became the #1 revenue-driving channel for Biohm.

3x Email List Growth

Building an email list in eCommerce is never easy. However, with the right assets and creative, you can experience explosive subscriber growth.

Biohm’s email list size was relatively small when we took over the account. Although small in numbers, the audience was extremely engaged with the Biohm brand. The challenge we faced was increasing the subscriber base without sacrificing on the quality of the users.

As mentioned above, Dr. Ghannoum and Afif provide extremely valuable medical content. However, much of the content was sitting on a hard drive somewhere waiting to be discovered. Additionally, Biohm was using a standard 10 – 15% off your first order incentive to capture new email subscribers. The results were ok, but not eye-popping. We decided to create a guide free for users to download in exchange for an email address.

Gut Health Popup

List Growth Results

The effect was almost immediate. We were able to convert between 20 – 25% of new website visitors into email subscribers. (Keep in mind the industry average here is about 3.1%!)

Strategic popups like the above are some of the highest converting content pieces you can offer in exchange for an email address. The more you invest in the quality of the content, the higher the conversion rate tends to be.

Most importantly, while the number of email addresses increased 3X over a period of 4 months, the quality of subscribers remained consistent. The increase of valuable emails helped Biohm end the year with their highest revenue growth for the company.

Increasing AOV by $17.66

During the peak-shopping season, it can be a challenge for some brands to maintain their margins when the expectation is to deliver your highest discounts of the year. In addition, average order values (AOV) can plummet as shoppers are trained to hunt for the best deals on the Internet.

We challenged ourselves to not only grow Biohm’s total store revenue, but to also increase the AOV during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. The solution we came up with was implementing a tiered discounting strategy across the website.

Biohm Tiered Discount 1

The idea is once a user adds items to their shopping cart; a small overlay pops up encouraging the visitor to spend $50 to unlock the next discount. We were able to integrate the overlay with the shopping cart to display the exact amount a user needs to spend to receive their next coupon.

Biohm Tiered Discount 2

A series of overlays continues until the user hits the final tier. The above is an example of the last discount the visitor receives once the maximum spend threshold is achieved.

Tiered Discounting Results

Implementing the tiered discount strategy was a big win for Biohm during the holiday season. Many times I see brands complicating the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale by only allowing select products. If not clearly stated, this can confuse potential customers and can create customer service headaches.

We decided to include ALL products (excluding subscriptions) and clearly displayed the amount needed to redeem the higher coupon. Instead of trending downwards during Black Friday/ Cyber Monday, Biohm’s AOV increased by $17.66.

Last Words

Today, Dr. Ghannoum continues to be one of the foremost experts in medically important fungi. He has been published in over 400 papers and has been cited over 20,000 times in medical literature.

Due to their explosive growth the last few years, Biohm contains the largest collection of Microbiome data in the world! The family business offers a range of products focused on gut health and is committed to never ending improvement.

It’s not often I get to work with companies truly focused on making the world a better place. Dr. Ghannoum and Afif life’s mission is to help people experience better lives through total gut optimization.

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